Smart Platform

The smart information system is an integrated and automated platform that collects and provides various information produced in urban policies and corporate activities in one place.
It can be a communication window for sharing knowledge and exchanging various policies promoted by the public, such as business, R & D, and individuals, from related policy planning by sector.
The smart platform will build higher productivity and efficiency, and deeper trust between the public, business, and the general public by sharing knowledge and information to both general users as well as experts in related fields.
Smart City, Farm, Factory

In Korea, the smart city of Korea, called U-CITY (Ubiquitous City) in the early 2000s, started mainly in new cities such as Hwaseong Dongtan, Paju Unjeong, Daejeon Doan and Incheon Songdo. Up to now, there has been support to undertake various policies.
However, the concept of smart cities is no longer a new city development project that includes the public (government).
Not only new cities, but also existing cities have become a major means of managing and improving efficiency, but they have become a common goal for all cities in the world.
And we are pushing for borderless integration and smart automation from agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and manufacturing plants to prepare for the future era.
Smart City Platform

By 2023, Korea has been expanding the distribution of integrated platforms to local governments across the country and promoting services based on them Smart City Integrated Platform Business is a project that shows the typical appearance of the Smart Platform and is being promoted to increase the efficiency of city management. by integrating and connecting various information systems such as crime prevention, disaster prevention and transportation operated by local governments. We are building safer and more convenient living and service spaces by linking 112, 119, the national disaster network and socially welfare support services to the Platform. It is a technology that makes the integration of information and human society and life safer and more beneficial by using it as a core aspect of the fourth industrial revolution.
The Player is preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and We are promoting it in the present way in a stronger way that the education system that fosters software developers has followed the tradition and We will strive to create a quality education process and capture the core technologies and application technologies for the "Smart Platform".